Asambleas Ciudadanos


Who is involved ?


Build relations

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Participants may create thematic field projects, network of experts and of local teams. They may be led to work on a same social or special field under a format of a network of socio-professional. Likewise, they may make up teams of work or of thematic projects on issues identified by the assemblies. In fact, it is also essential to make up local working teams placed in a determined country o geographic zone. The assemblies are, thus, integrated by a broaden number of participants linked among each other by means of local teams, alliances, or networks.

Accept the rules of a genuine dialogue

To belong to a certain group does not mean curbing or hindering debate. For example, it is much more important to explore and share one’s experience with other participants than speaking on behalf a corporation or an organization. The main aim is to mobilize, to gather efforts while listening and sharing the best of everybody’s experience - an experience that comes, in fact, from an organization or association, but is not necessarily confined to it.

Share your experience and back the assemblies

Any and every participant accepts to share his experience. He commits himself, by means of debates and joint actions, to contribute with aims set forth in the citizens’ assemblies and to bring together a point of view and its analysis with the other participants. Each of them may also contribute to foster and develop the assembly by sharing their contacts and useful information, by granting their academic knowledge, their time, and their pragmatic knowledge.