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Mamadou Niang audio-interview : traveling caravans in Africa (in French only)

Translations : Español . français . English

The first step of the Sahel-Saharan Assembly will be to test and debate about the very idea of a citizens’ assembly, to meet communities, cities, peoples, languages and races. Mamadou Niang introduces the idea of traveling caravans and their history within the African tradition. The convoys should begin in Mauritania and Senegal as soon as the project gains official legal structure + read more


Pictures of the first citizens' caravan in Mauritania - february 2009

Translations : English . Español

Selection of pictures from the first caravan in February, 2009 organized in the east of Mauritania, near Mali. The photographs show the arrival on camelback of the Mamadou Niang team at the neighborhoods of the cities visited (almost a historical moment, right?) and the exchanges in the local assemblies of Aioun and Kaedi. First promising and splendid images + read more