Asambleas Ciudadanos


Matthieu Calame



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Context and democratic experiences in Europe

Translations : English . Español . français

Forming a citizens’ assembly leads to challenging the European models and thoughts about democracy. Matthieu Calame recalls the European context, some characteristics of its history, the positive experiences of citizens’ participation with the citizens panels for example. He underlines the strategies to build a pro-European process and to share the idea of a citizens’ assembly + read more


Responsibility, interdependences and education

Translations : français . Español . English

The relation with power, the concept of responsibility, education and the change in society are at the very center of citizenship and citizens’ assemblies. Matthieu Calame proposes intertwined reflections upon all these topics and highlights that change is systematic and connects everybody + read more


Advances and perspectives of the European citizens’ process

Translations : English . Español . français

How can we abandon current European blockages and endow Europe with a new soul? How can we move from a citizen vanguard to mass mobilization in favor of European construction? Matthieu Calame offers a panorama of the advances made by the European process and explores these two issues resorting to history and the imaginary: greatness and emotion, Snow White and the seven dwarves and methods’ renewal. 4 videos + read more