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Gustavo Marin






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Towards the 2010 Citizens’ Assemblies

Translations : français . Español . English

Gustavo Marin describes – stage by stage – how citizens’ assemblies were born from the General States of the Planet adventure in 1992, from the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world and from the Global Citizens’ Assembly in Lille in 2001. He specifies the breaks and ambitions proposed, and what these might contribute to the search for new ethical frames and local / global regulations + read more


Contributions to Citizens' Assembly understanding

Translations : Español . English . français

Gustavo Marín and Víctor del Fuente, from the Chilean edition of Le Monde Diplo, describe briefly the road that led to the birth of the citizens’ assemblies in various regions of the world and the Southern Cone. Víctor locates the contribution that can be made to the overcoming of the ideological obstacles set by the Neo-liberalism. Videos recorded during the “Governance and resentment” meeting in December 2008 - Iquique - Chile + read more


Images of the Bangalore Assembly in August 2010

Translations : English

Compilation of about 200 pictures from the Asian Citizens’ Assembly which took place in August 2010 in Bangalore, India. The images were taken by Gustavo Marín, Benru Martinez, John Anugraha and Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (and displayed on Facebook) + read more