Asambleas Ciudadanos


Who is involved ?


A broadened diversity of the society's actors

Translations : français . Español . English

The citizens’ assemblies gather a broadened diversity group of individuals. One of its aims is just to manage to associate all or a significant part of the society as regards its condition or responsibility with the social or professional areas of a particular region of the world.

Activists, Students, Entrepreneurs, Artists, … welcome to the Assembly !

Are you an activist of an interest group or of a union, a student, scientific or university researcher, an entrepreneur, a civil servant, a lawyer or an expert in law, a politician, or even an artist, a blue-collar worker, a migrant, a manufacturer or a farmer, a member of a religious order, an elderly person, an organization, an association, a network of experts, a social movement? Are you a woman or a man of this world?

So, you have potentially your place and duties in the Citizens’ Assembly !